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Wild Path

The history of the Rocky Top Gelbvieh Farm begins in 1989 when we bought three pure bred Gelbvieh heifers and a pure bred bull from Eric Smith of Lazy S Farms in Colorado. He had just relocated to Grandview, Tennessee where his farm is now located. Old Johnston Valley Road in Kingston, Tennessee is where we bred those cattle on a 15 acre farm with 200 leased additional acres. We also had a few commercial heifers, meaning they were a mixture of breeds. We bred up from that stock, and purchased more Gelbvieh females to breed additional cattle to improve the genetics.


We relocated to a 263 acre farm in Crossville, Tennessee. Through selection of the best females, we have developed our breeding stock over the last twenty-three years.  In 2021, we purchased 2 Full Blood South Poll Bulls.  We are breeding them with our Balancer and PB Gelbvieh Females to produce an animal better suited to finish on grass.







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